About Us

BabaFlavors is an India based manufacturer and retailer of the highest quality e-liquids available in the electronic cigarette market. We are committed in our mission to provide the highest quality e-liquids by ensuring the highest standards for quality control for consistent production and prompt customer service.

We have developed over 25 premium e-liquid flavors with many more under constant development and testing. We have a team of flavor developers who are as passionate about vaping as you are. In other words, we vape our own e-liquids and there can be no better testimonial on the quality and safety of our e-liquids than that.

While our collection of flavors may seem small when compared to other vendors who offer 100+ flavors, each of our e-liquids undergo multiple evolutions to ensure that they are perfectly balanced and are perfectly steeped and are tested across a wide array of possible hardware to ensure that your vaping experience is consistent and pleasurable.

We promise to provide you an experience that will keep you coming back to the BabaFlavors.


The BabaFlavors differentiators

  • We are committed to providing the highest quality e-liquids that meet the most rigorous industry standards.
  • All of our e-liquids are absolutely free of artificial colors or artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners.
  • We use certified organic, food grade vegetable glycerin as our base with over 98% organic content depending on your desired nicotine level.
  • We are constantly developing Indian flavors such as Paan Masala, Gulkand or Indian Guava which you are unlikely to find anywhere else.
  • Pre-steeped to perfection, our e-liquids are ready to use as soon as you get them.
  • We only use flavors which are certified by the suppliers to be diacetyl free. Flavors are sourced from the USA, from companies that specialize in the e-cig industry.
  • Built around a small but growing vibrant community of Indian vapers who are always there to support and guide you through your vaping journey.
  • Our e-liquids are reasonably priced and backed by excellent customer support.


What do our customers say:

After trying different e-liquids which were available in the Indian market, I stumbled upon BabaFlavors by chance and have been vaping their e-liquids exclusively for the past 4 months. My personal favorites are Western Tobacco with Mysore leaf and the BabaVapes RY4 blends. The team at BabaVapes are a wonderful set of people and are making a big difference to the Indian vaping scene” – Ravi